Eritrean Community Connection

Eritrean Community Connections is a non-for profit organization registered in the state of Washington, to provide basic needs, technical, emotional and spiritual support to refugees in general, Eritrean refugees in particular.ECC is a volunteer based organization, and strongly values volunteers as the engine of its work. Currently, all of ECC’s manpower are volunteers and encourages others to join hands.


Do you or someone you know have challenges with immediate needs ,employment needs, emotional or spiritual needs, especially as a refugee? Please reach out our intake specialist here. 




Core Programs

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    Immediate Assistance Support

    Providing immediate basic needs support to families and individuals. Basic financial assistance. Basic material assistance (food and clothing items; household furniture etc.) Basic transport assistance (bus tickets and rides)

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    Technical And Professional Support

    Providing resources for individuals to explore their potential in their pursuit of employment, educations and/or resettlement. Connecting them to community resources, interpretation services, mentorship services, school tutoring, etc.

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    Emotional And Spiritual Support,

    Providing one on one and group counseling, marriage and family counseling and training. Parenting classes, group counseling and referrals, marriage and premarital Counseling and referrals, individual counseling sessions and referrals, training of lay counselors

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    Time Frame of Services

    ECC offers three-month term service. Services could be extended based on the severity of individual cases and availability of resources necessary.

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    Referral Process

    Once one is proven eligible for services, they will be contacted by a Case Manager that is assigned to work with them in navigating the resources. The case manager will assess the client’s needs after which s/he will help them plan the goals with the client/s. By end of the case life, the goals will be evaluated and clients’ feedback will be considered.

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    Final Step

    Upon completion (that is ninety days from day of initial contact), clients will be discharged from the program.

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    Supporting in sponsoring unattended children and vulnerable/terminally ill adults